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Savor the  Dreams of the Eloquence of the Heart, Where we hope you'll return Time and Again to my newest Website Pages:  Paris Posh Frippery!    The Romance of being Lost in the Richness of Reverie!  Images of a Golden Age of Grandeur, Purveyors of Heirlooms, A Trousseau of French Princess Net Laces & Timeless Textiles, Vintage Clothing, Aubusson Panels, Trompe l'oeil Tapestry, Garden Tea Party. Harlequin, Ephemera from the Past. A Symphony in White, &A Time to Linger..... Like a Ladies Day Out, Each time you Visit!  Friends Gathering Once More! On the Pages that Follow You will find all the Old and  New Items,  Posh Frippery Designs I have Created, as well as fun New Products from other exclusive Companies, Coming Available  in The Summer and Fall.  Until Then, May you enjoy the Flowery

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When Contemplating Paris we must Study the Mind of Queen Marie Antoinette, and Versailles Hamlet, all of the Beauty of a Music Box, a Fairytale version of a Country Village, A Monument of Extravagant Simplicity.  Thatched Cottages, A Dairy Barn with Marbled Walls and Floors, The Picturesque Windmill, Vine Covered Cracked Plaster Walls with Worn Beams, Gardens Throughout. The Cattle and Sheep were even Perfumed. Yet the Posh Frippery Rooms inside, were Lavish and Elegant, as the Rooms of the Grand Chateau Itself. Adorned with Tapestries and Gold Leaf Splendor.   Herein, Queen Marie Antoinette played a quintessential farm girl, wearing her simple linen dress, on this Refuge, an Escape, where  Queen Marie Antoinette could pretend to be merely the Wife of a Country Squire.  

When we Think of Paris, Images Rush in Like a Rich Tapestry of  Poetic Beauty. Dreaming in French, one need not speak the language, to Dream a la Francaise! 

     Posh Frippery           by   Corinne Layton

by     Corinne Layton

One of the Glories of Paris, are the Regal Gardens, Mirroring the Love & Beauty & French History, My Reason for the Symphony of Roses Throughout!

Posh Frippery

     Posh Frippery