• I'll Save the Paintings and the Bradford Plates, which came first, for another Page, But I thought I would share some of the Dolls and the Resin Cottages I Designed for Hawthorne Architectural Structures, a Division of Bradford Exchange titled Victoriana.  Everything is now retired, but Collectors and Stores still sell them all on line! It was a special time in my Art Career to be on the cover, and inside pages were with the likes of Thomas Kinkade(God Rest His Soul) Norman Rockwell, Charles Wysocki, Mayberry, McDonalds and Hummel, I am Thankful and still very Humbled by the Years of being a Part of the Collectible Industry!  Thank you also, to all my Fans and Collectors!  I Love You!            Sincerely, Corinne Layton

Posh Frippery      by Corinne Layton

  • Opus 361:45


The Parisians have made Romantic Décor, a Passion throughout History. Where Luxury, Elegance and Comfort Combine to create a Home or Apartment or even Just one room, that is your Haven.  An Intimate Refuge from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, Wherein you can find your Quiet, Spiritual center. A Private Stage of Romantic Décor.   Repurposing an Extension and Expression of who you are, With a little Ingenuity one can transform even a Small Apartment, or that Special Room, that is just Yours. For Creativity thrives on Challenge.  Being Observant of how handcrafted details can be transformed , with chalk paint, venetian Plasters, Glazes, Crackling, rust, or verdigris Patinas.  To see the beauty in quirky old door handles. hinges. Ornamental Ironwork, Filigree. Stonework and Gardens,  at Paris Posh Frippery, we hope to Show you how to create some this same Décor, and as you let the Inspiration Flow, Your Imagination can travel Back through Time Drawing from Memory some of the now Vintage Treasures, Colors fabrics, Textures, will speak to you as you Create your own Private Sanctuary. I will not be Teaching, But Linking you to Other Companies, I have found along the way, As a Blog Website. My Paintings, Original Dolls, Canvas Prints and Giclees, (Dolls, Plates, Resin Cottages) that were Designed and created prototypes by Me for the Bradford Exchange, Ashton Drake Galleries and Hawthorne Architectural Structures, and new concepts coming this Late Summer, Plus Products from Other Companies will be available.  For Cart& other Blog Pages Etc. a Current List of Items now being Carried, Merchandise, Décor and Jeanne d'Arc Living Magazines and Products sell quickly,  so be sure to check Back often!  Paris Posh Frippery Welcomes you!   Corinne Layton   Click My Main Website Link http://www.vintagefrenchstyle.com

Some of my One of a Kind Dolls and Prototypes I designed and Sculpted , for Clients and for Ashton Drake Galleries in the Past!